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2016 Summer Activities for Toddlers


Studies show that 100% of students experience learning loss if they don’t engage in educational activities over the summer. Give your toddler a head start this summer by enrolling them in fun and educational summer activities. Spark Discovery Center We Do Lego Robotics by Engineering for Kids PH For kids 4 to 6 years old Tuesday, […] Read more…

Why your baby needs skin to skin care


Studies show that babies who are placed skin to skin with their moms immediately after birth adjust more quickly from fetal to post birth life. Thermal regulation is a common problem for babies especially those that are born premature. When your baby was in your womb, she or he did not need to regulate her […] Read more…

8 Ways to Help Your Child Adjust to School

Back to School!

One of the fascinating moments of our parenthood is to see our children go to school for the first time.  As a mom of 4, seeing my children enthusiastically welcoming their friends and teachers during the first day of school is an absolute milestone. However, transitioning to this inevitable moment of back-to-school scenario may bring […] Read more…

8 Secrets to Raising a Smart Toddler


The toddler years are not just the “Terrible Twos” stage they’re famously known for; it is also the “Golden Age of Exploration” for your child. Your child’s brain grows fastest during this stage, and these critical brain-growth periods are the times where their brains’ nerve pathways are formed into the existing network that forms the […] Read more…

5 Best Potty Training Tips


by Millie Manahan Potty training is perhaps one of the most stressful stages of parenting. From dealing with tantrums to choosing which way best suits your child, could be really demanding.  Having two or more children doesn’t make one an expert.  I know, because I have four and every child had their own version. The […] Read more…

4 Tips to Survive the Terrible Twos


For first time moms, the onset of the dreaded “terrible twos” can come as a surprise. Even though it’s a well-known phenomena, often joked about by older parents (aka “terrible two survivors”), as soon as it happens to your once docile little bundle of joy, it can be a rude and startling awakening, one that must be dealt with with lots of love, understanding, empathy, and heaps (and heaps) of patience. Read more…

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