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5 fun and budget friendly activities with your kids on Valentines Day


Including your kids in your Valentines Day tradition can teach them a thing or two about love and how to express it better.

Here are a few ideas you can do with your little ones for the big V-DAY!

1. Breakfast in bed with the whole family

Ahh bacon and pancakes in the morning! How much better will it be if you have it in bed with your whole family?


2. Arts and Crafts time!

Foster their creativity by letting them create fun Valentine’s Day decorations for your home.


3. Make dinner with the family!

Bond over cooking dinner, and make them feel grown up by letting them handle the pizza department.


4. Cozy night in for a movie marathon

Skip the traffic and crowded malls by staying in for a movie marathon. Let them pick the movies, and don’t forget the treats and popcorn!


5. Tell them you love them

…by leaving notes all over the house reminding them of how special they are!



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