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2016 Summer Activities for Toddlers


Studies show that 100% of students experience learning loss if they don’t engage in educational activities over the summer. Give your toddler a head start this summer by enrolling them in fun and educational summer activities. Spark Discovery Center We Do Lego Robotics by Engineering for Kids PH For kids 4 to 6 years old Tuesday, […] Read more…

Why your baby needs skin to skin care


Studies show that babies who are placed skin to skin with their moms immediately after birth adjust more quickly from fetal to post birth life. Thermal regulation is a common problem for babies especially those that are born premature. When your baby was in your womb, she or he did not need to regulate her […] Read more…

Ready, Set…SCHOOL!


As the start of the new schoolyear approaches, more moms are asking themselves, “Is my child ready for Kindergarten?” These days, children can start going to Early Childhood Programs as early as a few months old. However, some people still consider the beginning of “real school” as the moment their child saunters through his Kindergarten […] Read more…

Little Readers


Reading ignites your child’s imagination and inspire them learn. Founder of Reading Specialist, Reena Ermitano, answers a few questions on developing your child’s reading skills and nurturing them to be life long readers. 1. Please tell us about Reading Specialists?  Reading Specialists is a reading center that provides literacy assessments, reading enrichment, and intervention for children from ages […] Read more…

Little Swimmers


With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start making activity plans for your little one. What better way then to enroll them in swim school, we asked Ria Mackay the Founder and Head Instructor of Aqua Logic Swim Co. to answer a few question on the importance of swim lessons and how to know if your child is ready to take the dip. Read more…

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